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Limited Edition Replica Airspeed Indicator Cockpit / Desk Clock in Aluminium Finish

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Although this is actually a fully functioning quartz clock it resembles an aircraft airspeed indicator. In fact it looks outwardly so authentic that the company we made them for who run a shop on an airfield said one of these clocks even fooled a mechanic who works on aircraft on a daily basis until he looked at it very closely. The clock features a replica (non-functioning) adjustment knob (adjustment is carried out in the same way as any quartz clock with a setting wheel), glass face and twin pointers. Operates on one AA battery - supplied. 

The main difference between this clock and one used in an actual aircraft cockpit is this clock gets its power from an AA battery whereas an actual aircraft clock is connected to the aircraft's wiring loom.


  • Case: Solid metal front with real glass crystal and polycarbonate back cover
  • Dimensions: 82mm Wide with dial width 68mm, Depth 88.9mm (Width 3.23", Dial Width 2.86" Depth 3.5")
  • Weight: 334g (11.8oz)
  • Silent Tick / Sweep Quartz Movement
  • Power: 1 x AA-Battery (Supplied)



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