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Delivery Costs






Rest of World

Tracked Mail

€11.50 / £9.99 / US$12.75

Tracked Mail 


Tracked Mail

US$22.25 / €20.00 / £17.50


Small Item e.g 1 or 2 straps £5.99


Express Courier UPS or FedEx 

€23.00 / £19.99 / US$25.50

Express Courier  UPS/DPD 


Express Courier UPS or FedEx 

US$44.50 / €40.00 / £34.95

PLEASE NOTE: The exact shipping cost will vary slightly depending on the weight and dimensions but it will only differ by a very small amount and will be shown at checkout. The above is a very good guide and 85% of parcels will be exactly as shown above.

You will generally receive two emails after placing an order, the first will be a confirmation of receipt of the order and payment, this will be followed by a notification of shipment  once the goods are dispatched. When an order and payment has been processed, goods will be shipped by the Post Office or Courier within 48 hours. Please note that our shipping centers are closed on Saturdays and Sundays therefore orders placed during this time may take up to 72 hours to be dispatched, this includes orders placed after 14:00 (CET)  European time on Fridays.

The estimated delivery times in working day are as set out below:

  • Europe UPS: 2 to 5 days
  • Europe Registered Mail: 7-14 days
  • UK DPD or UPS: 24 Hours
  • UK Tracked Mail: 1 to 2 days
  • Rest of World UPS: 3 to 10 days
  • Rest of World Registered Mail: 7 to 21 days *

* Some countries are prone to be notoriously slow to process goods on arrival among these countries are Israel, Hong Kong, Macau, Mexico, South Africa and some South American countries. We also tend to experience significant delays with other countries in Africa in addition to South Africa, you can always contact us for advice although we do not know with certainty exactly which countries will be slow, and which will be fast but the above estimates are a pretty good guide for most countries, keen in mind remote territories or those with slow customs can also tend to be problematic. We would recommend using UPS, DHL or Fedex, which we offer as an option if the delivery is very time sensitive. 

All shipping estimates are working days and exclude Saturdays and Sundays when our packing and shipping centres are closed and many postal services do not operate, depending on the country.

Whilst we make every effort to deliver your order within the above timeframes this is a guide and delivery cannot be guaranteed. We will not accept responsibility for delays caused by our Couriers or any National postal service. If the goods are not delivered within the time we have estimated, please feel free to contact us or email and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue promptly. We will not be liable for any loss caused by late delivery.

Our delivery charges cover the cost of shipping the goods to you. However, they do not include import charges and administration fees to clear the goods when entering your country if these apply. 

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand that charges may be levied and pay all subsequent import tax and duty on goods shipped to their respective Country. In the instance that items are returned to MWC as a result of a rejected payment, subsequent charges incurred such as Import Duty and processing costs will be deducted from any refund issued. For further information on this please contact 

We do not accept any liability for goods that have been lost after delivery to a PO Box. We reserve the right to cancel orders where the delivery address is a PO Box. Furthermore, we also do not accept any liability for goods that have been lost after they are confirmed as delivered to APO or BFPO locations. 

It is the Customer's responsibility to notify us if the goods have not been received within 21 days of the estimated delivery date or time of ordering. If no notification is made within this time period the buyer shall be deemed to have received the goods.

Please Note: We also use a variety of other delivery companies in countries where we have distribution arrangements, please keep in mind that some of them will allow you to arrange for delivery of your parcel in a way that will not require a signature, normally the delivery company, for example DPD will agree with you that the item will be left in a shed, garage, porch or other location that you nominate this is what is often termed a "safe place" please note that if you decide to utilise one of these services it is at your own risk because we have initially sent it by a secure service which requires a signature or other proof of delivery and using what is termed "a safe place" is inherently more risky because someone might see it being left by the driver which creates obvious dangers of it being stolen. Our advice is to always have it delivered in a way where the driver obtains a signature or other proof of delivery to remove any element of risk and ensure you receive your parcel safely.

Failed delivery of an item ordered due to non-acceptance of the delivery

Please note that if you order an item and the delivery company inform us that the item was refused it would be returned back to us, in many cases especially with FedEx, UPS etc they will also charge a return fee to send it back. Because in these circumstances we have done everything that is required to get the item to you we would refund less both the outbound and Inbound shipping charges once the item was received back at our packing and shipping centre. Unfortunately sometimes if you are having the order delivered to a business location the people receiving inbound parcels are prone to refuse an item without checking with the individual concerned we would strongly recommend being very cautious in this situation and notifying the people who handle the incoming parcels that you are expecting a delivery to avoid this problem occurring. Usually, we would be notified there is a delivery issue and would email you for your instructions, normally these sorts of problems can be avoided if you contact the carrier and tell them there is an error but it's very important to act quickly to avoid the return and associated costs.