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Warranty Information

For detailed service and warranty information, please visit our dedicated service website: MWC Service

Warranty Coverage

All MWC watches are covered by an international 24-month warranty. Please note that certain restrictions apply, as outlined below.

Q: What does the MWC Warranty Cover?

A: The MWC International two-year warranty covers the following:

  • GTLS failure (within the first 12 months)
  • Movement failure
  • Hands falling off
  • Manufacturing defects
  • The Tritium GTLS vials detaching from the dial or hands
  • Significant time loss or gain within the first year
  • Water ingress (subject to appropriate use and within the water resistance rating)

Your Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • The battery
  • The strap or bracelet
  • Leakage due to use in a shower or bath
  • Bezels becoming scratched, loose, or lost, including loss of the pip
  • Damage due to misuse or accidental damage
  • Loss of the watch pins holding the strap
  • The glass being scratched, chipped, or broken
  • The crown being broken or detaching from the case
  • The case back being scratched, broken, damaged, or becoming loose
  • Faults or damage caused by repairs attempted by unauthorized service centers
  • Water ingress due to the crown being left unscrewed, including thermal shock (e.g., moving from a hot environment to cold water)

Note: All repair and warranty work during the 24-month warranty period must be carried out by an authorized MWC repair center. Unauthorized repairs will invalidate the warranty and result in a chargeable repair.

Q: My watch needs repair. Should I remove the strap before sending?

A: If your watch has a customized strap or a different type of strap, you may want to remove it before sending. If we exchange the watch, it will be returned with the strap normally used on that model.

Q: My watch is sentimental. Should I send it for repair?

A: Do not send sentimental or engraved items for repair without contacting us first, as your watch could be replaced, and the original may not be returned.

Registering Your Watch

If you wish to register your watch on our warranty system, you can do so at MWC Warranty Registration. While registration is not essential, it can be helpful if you cannot find the invoice or other proof of purchase in the event of a warranty claim.

Additional Information

Warranties are not transferable. You must purchase your watch from an authorized dealer for full warranty coverage to apply. Many items sold at low prices are ex-military/police/security industry surplus or grey market watches.

Please email us if you have concerns that an item might not be genuine or if you have any further questions or need advice. Feel free to contact us by phone or via email at