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20mm Black Zulu Pattern Nylon Military Watch Strap

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This classic Zulu pattern NATO watch band is made from fast-drying ballistic nylon webbing. This high-tech material is ideally suited for military watch straps due to its robustness, comfort, and longevity.

Differences Between NATO and Zulu Straps

Many buyers ask about the primary differences between NATO and Zulu straps. Essentially, the main distinctions lie in the buckles and keepers. Zulu straps feature rounder and thicker buckles, while NATO straps have thinner, more rectangular buckles. Another significant difference is the thickness of the nylon; Zulu straps generally have thicker nylon, although some heavyweight NATO straps are similar in thickness. Additionally, NATO straps have an extra strap that slides through two buckles, resulting in two layers of nylon under the watch, compared to one layer with a Zulu strap.

Usage and Suitability

These watch straps are perfect for all extreme activities. We have supplied them to military units, police and emergency services, explorers, search and rescue teams, oil and gas companies, marine salvage operations, and companies operating in tropical or desert locations. The straps are ideally suited for these applications because they can be easily washed and dry within minutes. These bands are compatible with watches made by all leading military contractors as well as robust civilian brands.

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