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20mm Elasticated Black NATO Military Watch Strap

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For some years, various military forces have used elasticated nylon straps. We recognized that by fitting these straps with NATO pattern fasteners, they could serve as an excellent alternative to standard NATO straps. These new straps can be removed without undoing the buckles, which is particularly beneficial if the strap becomes caught or snagged, as noted by the Royal Marines who tested them.

In appearance, these straps are almost identical to standard NATO straps, with a similar length of 28 cm. Despite their elasticity, they retain the classic NATO watchband design, made from fast-drying ballistic nylon webbing mixed with elastic material. This high-tech blend makes the straps robust, comfortable, and long-lasting. The design ensures the watch is held securely at two points, virtually eliminating the risk of loss.

The history of the NATO strap began about 40 years ago with a single grey 20mm band. Since then, it has expanded to include RAF Blue, Black, Navy Blue, the James Bond pattern, Olive Green, and more. We have developed numerous variants, including regimental colors, Search and Rescue (SAR) orange, and various camouflage options. These straps are popular with military units globally and are also purchased by service members for a variety of military watches.

Currently, we manufacture around 200 different variants of NATO straps in various color combinations. Most of these are for retail sale, but some custom straps are sold through procurement contracts. Our elasticated straps are a further evolution of the original NATO strap we've sold for decades.

The original "NATO strap" specifications were defined by the UK Ministry of Defence as Defence Standard 66-47 Issue 2 (published March 30, 2001), following earlier standards dating back to 1973. Although the design is not rigidly fixed, it largely remains as specified, with most bulk contracts requiring stitching around the buckles.

For over twenty years, we've supplied original nylon straps to a diverse range of clients, including military personnel, police, emergency services, exploration units, Search and Rescue, oil and gas companies, and businesses operating in tropical or desert locations. NATO straps are ideal for these organizations due to their durability, quick-drying nature, and resistance to rotting or splitting.

NATO straps are also perfect for watches from leading military contractors and robust civilian watches such as Seiko, Rolex, Marathon, CWC, Breitling, and Pulsar.

Please note: Our  range of elasticated NATO straps is currently available only in 20mm width. However, many of our customers have found them to work well with watches with 18mm lugs, as confirmed by tests on some of our models.

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