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20mm Elasticated French Navy and Special Forces Strap in Green with a Yellow Stripe

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Some military forces have been using elasticated nylon straps for some years and these straps which are known as the “Marine Nationale” strap were invented by the French Navy’s combat divers in the ’60s and ’70s. Originally there were several different versions of the strap using varying materials, but the most common was a green elastic with a yellow stripe running down the centre.

Installing a Marine Nationale strap can seem a bit challenging at first in much the same way some people struggle with NATO straps wondering why it is so long! Once you know how it's done, however it's very straightforward. The only thing with the straps that has to be kept in mind is they cannot be used on watches with fixed solid bars. These particular stripes have many of the same advantages as the NATO strap, but they just achieve a similar purpose in a different way. They are very popular with a lot of serve in military, who do not like ballistic nylon straps in case they become snagged on something as a result, we make various different straps which use the same type of material as used on these French military straps. Returning to the issue of how it's fitted, it can initially be slightly challenging as mentioned above, but there is a very good video on YouTube, which shows exactly how it's done the first time we saw one of the straps here, a few years ago, even though we are very familiar with straps in general it took a bit of figuring out but once you know how it's done, it could not be easier.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These straps are ideal for any watch using a 20mm strap size which have removable spring bars but the way in which it’s fitted means it’s incompatible with watches which have non removable fixed solid strap bars.

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