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High Quality Luminous Paint Kit for Restoring Watch Hands, Dials, Markers and Bezel PIPs

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Revitalize your timepieces with our superior quality Luminous Paint Kit, designed to cater to all your luminous paint restoration needs. This comprehensive kit includes four bottles of premium luminous powder, each in a distinct color, enabling you to undertake a wide spectrum of repairs, from enhancing dot/pip visibility on a diver's watch bezel to refurbishing hands or indexes.

Our luminous paint boasts unparalleled quality, ensuring long-lasting luminescence and impeccable color matching. With an array of colors at your disposal, achieving a seamless match to your watch's original paint becomes effortlessly attainable. Notably, our green pigment is renowned for seamlessly complementing a vast array of watches with luminous dials because green is one of the most common colors utilized.

Complete with essential tools, our kit simplifies the repair process. Included are a precision pen for seamless application, solvent for optimal consistency, and a stirring plate with a stirrer for effortless mixing. Additionally, the inclusion of five solvent mixtures ensures prolonged usability and flexibility in adjusting paint viscosity to suit your specific requirements.

Upgrade your watch maintenance arsenal with our Luminous Paint Kit, where quality, convenience, and versatility converge to breathe new life into your timepieces.

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