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Khaki 18mm Retro Canvas WW2 Pattern One Piece Strap

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SKU Code: DD/01/18STR

These canvas watch straps, designed for watches with an 18mm lug size, are a versatile and stylish choice for a wide range of timepieces.

Vintage Charm and Modern Versatility

Crafted from a fabric that predates the current nylon material used in NATO straps, these canvas straps offer a touch of vintage charm. They are particularly suited for older style military watches such as the W10, GG-W-113, and A-11, while also complementing contemporary models like the MKIII.

Details and Dimensions

  • Material: Durable, vintage-inspired canvas fabric
  • Compatibility: Fits watches with an 18mm lug size
  • Length: Approximately 27cm, excluding the buckle

These canvas straps not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your watch but also provide a comfortable and durable alternative to more modern materials.

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