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MWC "Depthmaster" 100atm / 3,280ft / 1000m Water Resistant Military Divers Watch in PVD Stainless Steel Case with Helium Valve (Automatic)

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The MWC "Depthmaster" range of Military Diver models represents MWC's latest heavy-duty collection. These watches are extremely robust, featuring a sapphire crystal and a 100atm water resistance rating, making them suitable for diving with mixed gases at extreme depths. They also come with a wider 24mm strap (most military diver watches use a 20mm strap) and a non-scratch ceramic bezel that is easier to grip in extreme cold. These watches are specifically designed for professional divers working under very challenging conditions.

Key Features

Helium Escape Valve: All MWC 100ATM models have a helium escape valve. Helium molecules are among the smallest, allowing them to penetrate the watch seals even when other gases and water cannot. Saturation divers, who spend lengthy periods at great depths with high pressure, are the primary users of watches with helium escape valves. Helium molecules can build up inside the watch, creating pressure that can damage the watch or blow out the crystal or crown. The helium escape valve automatically releases the helium during decompression, preventing such issues.

Importance of Helium in Deep Diving: Helium is used in deep-sea mixed gas diving because it does not cause nitrogen narcosis, unlike nitrogen. Divers in pressurized environments with an oxygen/helium mix need the gas to be safely removed during decompression to avoid injuries or damage to the watch.


  • Movement: 24 Jewel Automatic NH35A with hacking function and a 41-hour power reserve
  • Water Resistance: 100ATM / 3,280ft / 1000M
  • Crown: Screw-down locking
  • Helium Escape Valve: Yes
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: Including Crown 47mm (Excluding Crown 44mm)
    • Thickness: 18mm
    • Crystal Diameter: 31mm
    • Lug to Lug: 48mm
    • Weight: 140g
  • Bezel: Unidirectional non-reflective with ceramic insert
  • Crystal Type: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Coating*
  • Case: 316L PVD Stainless Steel
  • Illumination: Luminova on markers, hands, and bezel
  • Strap: 24mm NATO Webbing Strap

Benefits of PVD Finish

The special covert matte black non-reflective PVD finish used for this watch is often specified in military contracts for special forces units, anti-terrorist units, and various covert operations. The PVD process creates a black finish on the steel that is vastly superior to painted finishes, which can easily fade or rub off. This PVD process means that the color of the steel is altered at a molecular level, ensuring it does not deteriorate even during heavy usage. However, the finish can be compromised if the case is severely damaged.

Benefits of Sapphire Crystal

Synthetic sapphire is the best material for watch crystals due to its strength and shatter and scratch resistance. These characteristics make it highly appealing to military and security personnel, police officers, and those who lead active outdoor lifestyles. These groups account for over 70% of our customers. Over 90% of cracked crystal incidents involve watches with mineral glass crystals. Even hardened mineral crystals do not match sapphire's durability under adverse conditions. Sapphire crystals are heat-treated to remove internal stresses, enhancing their strength, and are made with two layers of anti-reflective coating. While sapphire crystal is more expensive, it is typically fitted to higher-end watches and is now used in the latest iPhone models.

This watch is used by explorer and adventure filmmaker Tom Smith, as seen in some of the images. For more information, visit:


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