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Royal Air Force 1940 Battle of Britain Pattern Replica Wooden Wall Clock with Silent Quartz Movement and Sweep Second Hand (Size 14" / 35.6cm)

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These wooden clocks with a distressed/aged dial and genuine glass are much better quality than most other replica clocks of this type and make a change from the average boring wall clock, they make a great talking point in an office, workshop, garage, reception area etc. The clock measures 35.6cm (14") and is housed in a wooden case. This particular model is based on RAF clocks used during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

There were two original versions of the clock during the war which were either electrical or mechanical, this clock has a sweep second hand like the electric version.

The clock has a highly accurate quartz movement and silent quartz movement and a sweep second hand, this means that you don't have to endure the annoying clicking sound every second which is something that plagues most quartz wall clocks. The clock is supplied ready to go with an AA battery.

IMPORTANT: To avoid the risk of breakage through the clock coming off the wall it is vital to make sure it is securely mounted. We recommend using a screw and Rawlplug on a brick or concrete wall, if it's being mounted on wood, of course, the screw can just be screwed in.

NOTE: For comparison purposes, the final image shows the original WW2 RAF clock we worked from when designing our replicas.

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